A happy portrait of Trish Wyatt transformed by Jesus Christ.

My Son Committed Suicide

Trish Wyatt

  • FROM Boynton Beach, FL

  • NOW North Chesterfield, VA

My life completely changed 8 years ago.

I was a believer in Jesus, but I had stopped attending church regularly for many years. As I was living in Florida, my idea of “church” was going to the beach religiously every Sunday morning. My ritual was to pack a bag and stay at the beach for about four hours.

My son RyanMy life dramatically changed one day in July of 2008. While at work, I received a call from my older son. He told me that my younger son Ryan, who was 23 years old, had committed suicide. I was devastated. I started counseling two weeks after my son’s death, but I was inconsolable. One day, I happened to pass a church, and I decided to go.

A short time later, I was baptized. My life changed slowly, but God began transforming me. I started getting more involved in church, and everyone began to notice the differences in me. God even broke my lifelong smoking habit as He continued to show His grace day in and day out.

I realize now that sometimes God brings you to your knees to get your attention. I would never have survived the heartbreak of losing my son without His saving grace.

Trish and Ryan with family.My life has completely flipped upside down, better than I could have ever imagined. I miss my son every day, but I have confidence in the hope that one day God will reunite us in heaven. That brings me comfort, and I am blessed to experience His peace.

Trish Wyatt is a nurse working as a Care Coordinator in Richmond, Virginia. She loves hiking, camping, and traveling—anything to explore God's beautiful world. Trish is a historical re-enactor in Longstreet's Corps. She's also active in her church's social outings and Bible study groups. Struggling with a similar loss and want to chat with Trish? Send us an email and we’ll have her contact you.